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Bailey (our dog)

When Kristen was in law school seven years ago she saved Bailey as a puppy from the Travis County Humane Society in Austin, TX. Bailey lives the good life!

General Bailey pictures

Bailey gets to ride in the back of the Yukon Denali or the back seat of the pickup truck.  Here is Bailey roughing it in the pickup truck...

bailey-0008-truck-inside-2-600.JPG (61407 bytes) bailey-0008-truck-inside-3-600.JPG (67239 bytes) bailey-0008-truck-inside-600.JPG (59123 bytes)

Bailey gets the full run of MVA...

bailey-0009-MVA-house-walking-600.JPG (64906 bytes)

And to make the streets safe for all people and dogs, we have had to introduce Bailey to the world of the muzzle, (thanks, Craig, how pitiful!)...

bailey-0009-muzzle-600.JPG (75213 bytes) bailey-0009-muzzle-closeup-600.JPG (55566 bytes)

Just before we left on our World Trip 2001, Bailey had a cyst removed from her front leg.  She still had the stitches in when we left on the trip, so our friend Craig (surrogate dog-father) had to deal with getting them removed.  It turns out Bailey removed them first, and Craig had to make multiple trips to the veterinarian and help Bailey with her self-control! 

bailey-0102-lampshade-600.jpg (120753 bytes)

Bailey's best friend, Fenway Furman, visited us for the weekend.  Bailey slept for 24 hours after Fenway left...

bailey-0009-fenway-play-1-600.JPG (48319 bytes) bailey-0009-fenway-play-2-600.JPG (75461 bytes) bailey-0009-fenway-play-3-600.JPG (74801 bytes) bailey-0009-fenway-play-4-600.JPG (76923 bytes)
bailey-0009-fenway-play-5-600.JPG (71348 bytes) bailey-0009-fenway-play-6-600.JPG (61183 bytes) bailey-0009-fenway-play-7-600.JPG (83675 bytes) bailey-0009-fenway-play-bailey-closeup-text-600.JPG (59818 bytes)


Check out Bailey fetching at Tail's Creek!