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Chatworth Court
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Chatworth Court

Welcome to our home!!

The outside of our home after we added onto the garage (renovation completed May 2000).  We could then  fit all 4 vehicles in the garage (through the Denali and Truck make it a tight fit!  The subsequent kitchen renovation turned it back into a 3 car garage.

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Front of our house before we added onto the garage.

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After our garage addition and new driveway, we had issues with bad water run-off.  I had warned with the GC and the driveway subcontractor before they poured the driveway that they had it framed to run all the water into a low spot in our yard, but they were 'sure' it would be fine!!  We solved this problem by digging very expensive "French" drains on either side of the sidewalk.

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Chatworth Court