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Junk Ridge

'Junk Ridge'

Welcome to Junk Ridge, 36 beautiful acres surrounded on three sides by Chattahoochee National Forest!!  Unfortunately, the difficult trek to access the land takes you by some 'junky' lots, and thus the name of the property. We bought this property in August, 2000.

Enjoying the land...

jnkrdg-0009-dan-kristen-self-cliff-600.JPG (78752 bytes) jnkrdg-0009-kristen-bailey-tree-2-600.JPG (156481 bytes) jnkrdg-0009-dan-bailey-high-tree-600.JPG (128025 bytes) jnkrdg-0009-kristen-bailey-tree-600.JPG (156286 bytes)
jnkrdg-0009-kristen-bailey-standing-tree-600.JPG (149680 bytes) jnkrdg-0009-dan-bailey-high-tree-2-600.JPG (138778 bytes) jnkrdg-0009-kristen-tree-600.JPG (141184 bytes)
The truck at the end of a treacherous trail near Junk Ridge (yes we had to back down!) On the top of the ridge (National Forest land), looking over the edge of some huge rocks:
jnkrdg-0009-truck-on-hill-600.JPG (132399 bytes) jnkrdg-0009-cliff-down-600.JPG (141274 bytes)

Junk Ridge