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Welcome to MVA, our mountain house!!  Because it is the only house on the 'street' Mountain View Acres, we call it 'MVA'.  Dan found this house on the internet in August, 1997 and bought it on first site (check out the view!)  45 acres in the corner of the Chattahoochee National Forest.

Views from the porch at dusk...

mva-000708-sunset-600.JPG (45595 bytes) mva-000708-kw-sunset-600.JPG (51698 bytes) mva-000528-clouds-600.JPG (63942 bytes) mva-000528-dusk-clouds-2-600.JPG (44866 bytes)
mva-000528-dusk-clouds-600.JPG (47336 bytes)

The house...

Driving up the driveway, mid way to top, looking back over your shoulder: Arriving at the house: Standing in the National Forest, looking out at the house:
MVA-0009-driveway-middle-down-600.JPG (121652 bytes) MVA-0009-driveway-to-house-600.JPG (116713 bytes) MVA-0009-forest-to-house-600.JPG (138785 bytes)
On right side of deck looking left across house: On left side of deck looking over edge to side yard: On left side of deck looking right: Hey, there's Bailey!
MVA-0009-deck-looking-left-600.JPG (106962 bytes) MVA-0009-deck-looking-down-side-yard-600.JPG (137211 bytes) MVA-0009-deck-looking-right-600.JPG (101543 bytes) MVA-0009-deck-right-bailey-600.JPG (125091 bytes)
Find the mouse in the house! The infamous 100K ladybug invasion in October 1997 (from old digital camera) A view inside looking out from October 1997 (old digital camera)
mva-000708-mouse-600.JPG (113162 bytes) mva-9710-floor-ladybugs.jpg (21514 bytes) mva-9710-view-looking-out-door.jpg (15954 bytes)

Dan Cutting the grass. Our friend Craig protecting us from dangerous.... targets!
mva-000528-dan-cut-grass-600.JPG (99212 bytes) mva-000528-craig-gun-600.JPG (80203 bytes) mva-000528-target-600.JPG (126657 bytes)