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Tail's Creek
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Tail's Creek

Welcome to Tail's Creek, a wonderful retreat!!  Pond, pasture, and 95 acres.  We found this land in the Atlanta newspaper in March, 2000.

Looking left up dam

Looking at the pond

tc-dam-to-pond-600.jpg (101206 bytes)

Looking right down dam

tc-dam-to-left-600.jpg (118203 bytes) If you stand on the dam looking at the pond tc-dam-to-right-600.jpg (121465 bytes)

From pasture to dam

tc-prairie-to-dam-bailey-1-600.JPG (110002 bytes)

Looking back at the pasture

tc-dam-to-prairie-600.jpg (103222 bytes)

From pasture to dam

tc-prairie-to-dam-bailey-2-600.JPG (93724 bytes)


A day at Tail's Creek with Kristen's sister, Stacey...

When Stacey and Tom visited us in December 2000, we enjoyed a day at Tail's creek.  And, of course, Bailey joined in.


We are enjoying the pond...

tc-001209-pond-boat-dan-kristen-1-600.jpg (118170 bytes) tc-001209-pond-boat-dan-kristen-5-600.jpg (78582 bytes) tc-001209-pond-boat-dan-kristen-6-600.jpg (107749 bytes) tc-001209-pond-boat-dan-kristen-7-600.jpg (70485 bytes)

tc-001209-pond-boat-dan-kristen-bailey-distance-600.jpg (139702 bytes)


And then Bailey decides she wants to join in (sort of)...

tc-001209-pond-boat-dan-kristen-bailey-1-600.jpg (106891 bytes) tc-001209-pond-boat-dan-kristen-bailey-2-600.jpg (126536 bytes) tc-001209-pond-boat-dan-kristen-bailey-3-600.jpg (98146 bytes) tc-001209-pond-boat-dan-kristen-7-600.jpg (70485 bytes)

Stacey and Tom enjoying the pond...

tc-001209-pond-boat-stacy-tom-2-600.jpg (86201 bytes) tc-001209-pond-boat-stacy-tom-600.jpg (105179 bytes)    
Who is that way out there past Stacey?

tc-001209-stacey-boat-background-600.jpg (71930 bytes)

Can you see a family resemblance?

tc-001209-kristen-stacey-600.jpg (94208 bytes)



Bailey might have had the best time of all of us!  Look, she fetches...

Step 1 - the throw

tc-001209-bailey-fetch-1-600.jpg (161379 bytes)

Step 2 - the pursuit

tc-001209-bailey-fetch-2-600.jpg (108659 bytes)

Step 3 - the return

tc-001209-bailey-fetch-3-600.jpg (78130 bytes)

Step 4 - the spoils

tc-001209-bailey-fetch-4-600.jpg (161172 bytes)


Tail's Creek